History & Future

GSC has offered continuous service since 1988, starting in Gloucester Place, London W1.

GSC Conference RoomIn 1991 it moved to W-s-M, close to Bristol’s International Airport and the main M4 and M5 motorway links. From 2009 Greens Service Company became a limited company under the name of GSC Events. In 35 years it still works with many of the companies it started out with, and personnel who have moved to new organizations.

Our investment is in travelling to see key suppliers, to continually update our clients on brands, ownerships, refurbishments, and ideas for meetings.

GSC has had so many different experiences over the years – here are just a few:-

  • Rotating GlobeHelp with the launch of a very heavy product on a roadshow through five European countries over a six week period
  • A visit to the industries most important worldwide opening of the year in 2017 – the £440m “Burgenstock Resort” in Switzerland, described as the best 500m altitude Hotel building project this Century
  • Back up logistics for a F1 Team
  • A Golf tournament in Morocco for 90 from 6 six countries
  • A 200 delegate treasure hunt in Monte Carlo
  • Taking 400 tax specialists to Berlin
  • Arranging an 80 delegate conference for a leading oil company in St Petersburg and Moscow
  • Booking 800 corporate executives into Disneyland Paris for a week of meetings
  • Sponsoring the Skycar teams accommodation for 12 in Southern Spain before their dramatic trip to Timbuktu, Mali with a successful first ever flight departure by flying car over the Gibraltar Straits with Captain Neil Laughton at the wheel
  • Investigating a group of Hotels that went into liquidation prior to one of our meetings confirming.
  • Relocating a conference out of an earthquake hit Hotel in Chile to an alternative venue.
  • Arranging a three-country safari tour for a group of Execs into Namibia, Botswana and Zambia using light aircraft and Landrover’s
  • Dealing with a conference group no-show into a Hotel in Quebec due to bad weather
  • Organizing an event in RIO
  • Holding a mini-conference on a Sunseeker Superyacht around the Isle of Wight with all the passengers arriving on motorbike taxis
  • Organizing a radio controlled boat and car competition for 5 divisions of a company at a Private Chateau in France
  • A team talk to 400 Bankers with comedian Barry Cryer
  • Organizing a group to the Swiss Mountain Resort of Wengen with activities up “The Jungfraujoch – The Roof of Europe” – by train and helicopter
  • Spending time with Bear Grylls and team in France before their epic World Record-breaking altitude flight over Mt. Everest

It helps to know who is who, and who is in the know, and that takes time, in this very transient industry.

The internet increasingly offers and promotes glorious venues and destinations, and yet this is simply not enough to make important decisions on spending. We say “The internet shows the glory, we can help tell the real story”.