From April 12th

Luxury beauty spa’s and grooming salon’s to be opened.

Two households or groups of 6 with outdoor dining can go ahead. 

Individuals or single households can go to a fitness centre or be offered personal training sessions.

Weddings of up to 15 guests can be held

Other than for weddings, wider social contact rules will continue to apply in all settings – i.e. no indoor mixing between different households and only groups of six or two households outdoors.

From 17 May

Guests for overnight stays in hotels permitted

Outdoor events of up to 30 people

Weddings of up to 30 guests

From 21 June

Will potentially see all legal limits on social contact removed, and restrictions on weddings abolished. 

(COVID-19) Coronavirus 19

(COVID-19) Coronavirus 19

This event has taken us all by surprise, and our thoughts go out to all those that have lost loved ones, and to those that have been infected, and affected by this disease. We wish all the survivors well and a very quick recovery.

In 32 years of doing business, we have been through some global events that have rocked the world and taken everyone by surprise. This is different, as it has a broad spread, and like a ghost, it hangs around, ready to rest on and infect anyone, vulnerable or not, that it comes across.

We’ve adhered to Government and National Health Service (NHS) recommendations, respecting their professional advice, to de-spread, and take personal hygiene seriously.

We have received many emails from both large and small hospitality organizations laying out their terms of business in these pressing times with many events being canceled or postponed. It is with great relief that we have seen the general trend to be that of understanding, and considerable relaxation in the terms and conditions with regards to deposits and cancellations, offering shorter lead times for both. We have called this period a blip with a bump and this suspension thrown in has helped to smooth out the ride.

We say, please “stay positive”, as worrying will do nothing, and speaking to no one will lead to possible depression and anxiety over issues that have not been caused by you, and that cannot be controlled by you alone. We believe in the medical experts that can solve this problem. They are paramount to our healthy well-being and a bright future. In two months we have seen green shoots of recovery in certain parts of the world, so always carry on planning ahead, as with all surprises, they come to end, and when the beginning of the new starts, great new fresh pastures will also grow.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new virus illness, that can affect your lungs and airways.

If you think you might have coronavirus

  • follow the latest (NHS) advice. The symptoms of coronavirus are:-
  • a cough, high temperature, and shortness of breath

NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help, with helpful advice as to what to do:

If there’s a chance you have coronavirus, you will be asked to stay away from other people (self-isolate). and will not be able to attend any events. Stay true to yourself if asked whether you have been in contact with anyone else who has contracted the disease. Check your temperature on a regular basis if you notice any signs of abnormality and take the appropriate advice on offer.

Thank our cotton socks, this is not a war. Across all borders, we are in this together, and we will come out of it even stronger, working cooperatively and as one. I am confident this is a very solvable blip, and from it, we will learn some very valuable lessons, to help us all for a brighter future.


GSC has placed business in

In 31 years GSC has booked groups* in over 100 city destinations in 42 countries

  • 1     Moscow
  • 2     St Petersburg
  • 3     Copenhagen
  • 4     Stockholm
  • 5     Paris
  • 6     Amsterdam
  • 7     Rome
  • 8     Barcelona
  • 9     Madrid
  • 10   Algarve
  • 11   Miami
  • 12   Kuala Lumpa
  • 13   Tokyo
  • 14   Busan
  • 15   Seoul
  • 16   Dubai
  • 17   Abu Dhabi
  • 18   Munich
  • 19   Frankfurt
  • 20   London
  • 21   Edinburgh
  • 22   Dublin
  • 23   Seville
  • 24   Milan
  • 25   Geneva
  • 26   Nice
  • 27   Monte Carlo
  • 28   Harare
  • 29   Victoria Falls
  • 30   Quebec
  • 31   Hong Kong
  • 32   Istanbul
  • 33   Limassol
  • 34   Valetta
  • 35   Naples
  • 36   Malaga
  • 37   Porto
  • 38   Lisbon
  • 39   Cascais
  • 40   Marrakech
  • 41   Athens
  • 42   Prague
  • 43   Budapest
  • 44   Vienna
  • 45   Brussels
  • 46   Brugge
  • 47   Lyon
  • 48   Hamburg
  • 49   Cardiff
  • 50   Birmingham
  • 51   London
  • 52   Brighton
  • 53   Bristol
  • 54   Bath
  • 55   Cambridge
  • 56   Oxford
  • 57   Exeter
  • 58   Reading
  • 59   Chantilly
  • 60   Strasbourg
  • 61   Santiago
  • 62   Cape Town
  • 63   Cong County Mayo
  • 64   Berlin
  • 65   Warsaw
  • 66   Bucharest
  • 67   Lima
  • 68   Vancouver
  • 69   Seattle
  • 70   Newcastle
  • 71   Liverpool
  • 72   Manchester
  • 73   Oslo
  • 74   Glasgow
  • 75   Norwich
  • 76   Plymouth
  • 77   Antwerp
  • 78   The Hague
  • 79   St Andrews
  • 80   Noordwijk
  • 81   Chartres
  • 82   Montreux
  • 83   Wengen
  • 84   Lake Maggiore
  • 85   Southampton
  • 86   Leeds
  • 87   York
  • 88   Paphos
  • 89   Sitges
  • 90   Pissouri Bay
  • 91   Venice
  • 92   Versailles
  • 93   Magne Le Hongre (Disneyland)
  • 94   Faro
  • 95   Marbella
  • 96   Torquay
  • 97   Swindon
  • 98   Bambang (Santa Cruz River)
  • 99   Truro
  • 100 Coventry

And more


  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Botswana
  3. South Africa
  4. Namibia
  5. Morocco
  6. Spain
  7. Portugal
  8. France
  9. Switzerland
  10. Belgium
  11. Holland
  12. Germany
  13. Austria
  14. Poland
  15. Czech Republic
  16. Russia
  17. Korea
  18. Cyprus
  19. Greece
  20. Romania
  21. Turkey
  22. Japan
  23. China
  24. USA
  25. Canada
  26. Chile
  27. Brazil
  28. Sweden
  29. Denmark
  30. Ireland
  31. Scotland
  32. England
  33. Wales
  34. UAE
  35. Peru
  36. Norway
  37. Monaco
  38. Hungary
  39. Malta
  40. Italy
  41. Philippines

(*Group sizes – 10 to 1000 delegates for one day to 5 day residential meetings)


55,000 new rooms have been added to the EU Hotel bloc in the last 18 months. This has had the overall effect of reducing room rates by an average of 9 per cent. It’s the old supply and demand adage.

Brexit sees some challenges for the hospitality industry in the UK. Minimum wage and utility cost increases have had a double whammy on the industry, together with the drop in the number of Europeans who have come to work here. Other increases incurred by employers are in the employee national insurance, apprentice levy and compulsory pension enrolment schemes.

Management is now having to reorganise their business models to keep service levels high whilst running profitably and still offer decent service levels.

The challenge with new openings is that they increase the demands on established businesses qualified staff, who are aware of new opportunities in the expanding market place,

In terms of rates, some are offering lower room and meeting prices, to win the business. This is where GSC can advise and be helpful!


Quality of content, type of delivery, time of delivery, and place of delivery are key factors to the successful outcome of a meeting. We can offer advice in all these areas. It is important to stay ahead in whatever business you are in, with personal interaction with your staff and customers a vital part of keeping ahead of the trend. Our customers are planning their events up to three years ahead. We are also helping to arrange very short term meetings for those that need to keep up with new policy and legislation changes.

Into our 30th Year

Wow – the time has gone by quickly learning all the way. Experiences have filled every memory of it – together with our customers we have grown stronger – receiving advice and giving ideas – to help our clients have the best times possible. Whatever happens with the bigger picture surrounding events – we combine the experience and approach of the best people and companies we have worked with to arrive at the best outcome for a meeting.