10 tips for staying in a hotel room

10 points to avoid when booking into Hotel rooms depending on availability, where the Hotel is, its layout, and its situation. Hoteliers are responsible for their allocation of rooms.

1.)    Avoid being near a lift.

2.)    Avoid interconnecting rooms unless required.

3.)    Avoid a room that looks out onto a flat roof with an air-conditioning extractor fan.

4.)    Avoid a room on a lower floor above a banquet floor if occupied.

5.)    Avoid a room on the highway side of the Hotel without double or triple glazing.

6.)    Avoid sleeping next to the phone where the mattress is used most.

7.)    Avoid not knowing which light switches to push in case you get up in the night.

8.)    Avoid your room being next to the ice and vending machine where people gather.

9.)    Avoid a smoke air stained room.

10.)  Avoid a noisy gathering near your room by hanging out the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Please note:- Hotels are responsible for allocating group Hotel accommodation in their space. If clients are faced with any of these issues we think they are entitled to ask, subject to availability to be moved. The art of good Hotel hospitality is to get a good nights sleep – hoteliers, architects, engineers, sound technicians and designers are all trying to iron out these issues as time moves forward in new and refurbished properties and GSC constantly tries to take note of these improvements.