Oslo December 2016

18 hours of darkness presents a different type of opportunity for a conference organizer at this time of year, and being famous for its Nobel Peace Prize presentations, it is busy. The famous place offers great winter activities only half an hour from the city center. If you want your group to get away from it all, and experience the chill of the Northern Hemisphere, GSC can help you.

Looking Ahead

We have booked meetings this year and going forwards to 2019 in :-

Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Ottawa, Rio, UK, Holland, Hungary, Malaysia, Tokyo, South Korea, and have looked at, and are looking into client requests for meetings in India, Singapore, the USA, and different destinations around Europe.


Safety, ease of access, and high standards, with prices that reflect quality of service – these are key selling points.

We understand how clients and venues work, and giving all round feedback is so important to GSC. Emphasis on listening and learning helps with improvement and success.

Trust in electronic communication is waning. Looking forwards, meeting on a one to one basis has never been more important than now, and it quickens the pace of getting the job done efficiently and methodically, because meeting one another face to face leaves no room for misunderstanding.

GSC is working towards it’s 31st year helping industry with its important meetings and events.


Having just spent some time in this wonderful city we can confidently recommend a wide range of venues to suit your budget and numbers – you can have a go at Gaelic Games or Irish dancing once your conference has ended. We have excellent contacts in the city to make sure you experience real Irish Hospitality!


Cornwall – Headland Hotel 4*

Newquay – Grade 2 listed building – £25m in investment – over looking the famous Fistral Beach – For now it is just one of those Hotels that resembles great hospitality of the past where time almost stands still, and yet you can get everything you want now. For any company that wants to blow wind through its hair, get the cobwebs out of the cupboard, and have the time to think up new strategies, this certainly is a place for it, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Ask us for more details.

Where do we go with this budget?

Ask us. It is a question we are asked a lot, and with our experience it is one we like answering. Imagine if you wanted an option to have your meeting held in a luxury tent in a remote spot, or on a luxury yacht? We would ask you for your preferred location, style, and content, and have it arranged quickly to suit you, with just a few additional questions to complete the picture, to fulfill your desire to have satisfied delegates and guests. We like giving our clients “choice” with great results.


Hanoi – Hotel Opera / 1.8 million scooters / 6.8 million people – Capital / Ha Long – Indochina Sails / World Heritage Site – outsatnding natural beauty – forests /mountains and water / Hue / Best Western Indochina Palace / The Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty 1802- 1945 a site of many monuments / Da Nang / Pullamn Hotel / with fabulous beaches / close to the Marble Mountain and old city of Hoi An / Ho Chi Minh City – The Grand Hotel / 6 million scooters, 7.6 million people / formerely know as Saigon / The Reunification Palace / The Bitexco Tower / The Old Post Offfice / The Mekong Delta to name a few – this is the country to visit for any incentive group. It changes before your eyes – it is amazing – it is a must see – I can say no more – with the contacts, we can arrange for your group to go there, and remember it for all its amazing challenges, with very friendly and helpful people.


It dates back to the Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC, and the first Portuguese were to land there in 1513. Formerly administered by Portugal it is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the Peoples Republic of China, (the other being Hong Kong). It is heavily dependant on tourism and it is the worlds biggest gambling center. If you want to see magnificent Hotels on a truly spectacular scale with every known world shopping brand this is a must place to go. The Galaxy Hotel welcomes you with a spectacular Diamond surpise fountain. The historic centre of Macau is a must see being one of the worlds 25 listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Considering it is one of the most densly populated places in the world it is a marvel that some of it’s people live the the second longest of any lifespans in the world. This is a must place to see for groups.

Hong Kong

If you are searching for a city of efficiency to run an event, search no further. Magical Hotels like The Peninsula, Mandarin, and Four Seasons are waiting to serve. For a more modest budget, the Harbour Plaza North Point offers excllent facilites, an outside pool, and a location with easy access to all central points of interest. Hong Kong offers visitors a buzz that sums up the East’s connectivity – it is thriving, well organized, a shoppers paradise and an excellent launch point to Macau, and all the other Nation States in the region. Having just visited, one comes away with the feeling that there is definitely another pace to life that can be appreciated.